Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This post features the short story of Minister Constance Garrett. This survivor is our next featured guest.

Constance Garrett

Executive Assistant for a local Non-Profit

Survivor and Warrior since 2010

The holiday season usually brings joy waiting to spend time with family and friends and participate in all of the celebrations we are so used to enjoying. You never expect to get the bad news that you have been drafted in your own personal war against breast cancer.

Constance recalls getting her normal mammograms and expecting nothing to come out of it except a normal clean bill of health. While in the holiday mood, happy with the fact she would expect to spend Christmas with her father, she receives a call from her doctor that cold December day in 2010.

“Your test came back positive for cancer.” “Wow!” was the feeling she expressed, like so many others who learn of their diagnosis, a variety of emotions that run like a checklist goes through your mind. From the start,Constance got into her fighting position, prepared for one of the hardest battles of her life.

She immediately got to work. After meeting her doctor and determining that her cancer was detected early, she saw a cancer specialist where they decided that a mastectomy was her best option. She decided to have the surgery at the Karmanos Institute in Detroit.

Over the next two years, her battles continued including a lumpectomy in March 2013 after another abnormal mammogram. She once again donned her battle gear and faced yet another challenge. Enduring 3 surgeries over a five month period, Constance never gave up. “The devil is not going to defeat me.” she said. She also told me that during that point in time, she spent time praying, asking God what were His plans for her.

From then on she stated that she “LIVED ON PURPOSE”. Constance was encouraged by so many prayers from family, friends and acquaintances that the encouragement, and her faith in God, kept her uplifted. She vividly recalls the words from a close friend who told her, “You have to read God’s Word more than you read about cancer.” She uses her platform as a minister to speak on overcoming any obstacle,including cancer.

Her advice to other warriors is to read God’s Word, know that He is a healer and think of the things that God has planned for you. She also says that through this experience, she no longer takes things for granted. Asked if she is worried about cancer returning she stated without hesitation, “No, I’M NOT STOPPING!”

Constance supports the Pink Fund, a local charitable organization that provides emotional and financial support including transportation to women currently in treatment.

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