Test Shoot w/Teyonna

I posted on Instagram and Facebook how working with a muse gives artists the opportunity to enhance their creativity and share concepts with models willing to bring the creation to life. My wife introduced me to Teyonna, the daughter of a business associate who was very interested. I asked Teyonna some basic questions and asked her to fill out a questionnaire to gauge her experience and interest level. 

Teyonna had never modeled before and right off the bat thought that this would pose a tremendous challenge but because I had worked with inexperienced models before I knew that with a little coaching and encouragement, I could put her at ease and come out with a good result.

We agreed to meet at my house in my small studio space. The conversation began with icebreakers where we both spoke about our experiences and learned that we both were knowledge junkies and students of history!

We went over posing techniques, hand gestures and movements. Teyonna of course looked uncomfortable but worked very hard to accomplish what we set out to do.

Not to spend too much time going over posing, I sat her down for a headshot pose and we conversed about life, current events and just about anything and everything that came to mind. Even though I started at the viewfinder, I subtly moved away and went to the remote so I could capture raw emotions coming from her and the expressions. The photos show just that. Teyonna over the course of the session became more at ease and eventually didn’t notice I was clicking the shutter remote!

Even after our first session, I wanted to see if what we discussed would translate on our location shoot. We decided that an urban setting best fit her style and personality and chose downtown Detroit for our setting. When we arrived, we were right up against the golden hour but it was not really an issue because the sky was blocked by the buildings. Immediately, we started shooting and began with some street shots, moving on to posing on a doorstop and ended up in a very scenic and urban art encased alley.

Needless to say, Teyonna did great with some of her posing and I gave her opportunities for input on where and how we were shooting. If she saw something she liked, we shot it!

She did a fabulous job and hope that this session was rewarding for the both of us. I look forward to working with Teyonna again!

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