Motor City FurCon

This past weekend marked a dramatic turn in the types of photography that I attempt to try. While I’ve done events (mostly parties), I’ve never went out on a limb and covered a convention. Especially one where everyone is dressed up as cartoonish type characters!!! To be honest, I was not expecting the warm reception I got as I just walked in while registration was ongoing and introduced myself as a local photographer.

I was guided to the Furry Convention’s main operations room where I met an interesting young man named Ronnie (no last name given). Ronnie introduced himself and explained to me the purpose of Furry Con and that unlike it’s similar sounding event cousin, ComicCon, their convention attendees are animal lovers who loves the ‘culture’ of animals and raise money at each event to assist local animal shelters This event raised money for the Happy Hearts Feline Rescue, a local Detroit area cat shelter. Ronnie even gave me a guided tour where of the entire convention. I asked if there were any issues with me taking photos and he said, “Of course not!”.

Every individual I met created their own character and not only dressed the part, but lived it!! I really enjoyed milling about and asking where were they from and the names of their characters. Each photo is captioned with the character names and the states they live.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ronnie and the entire Furry Con Board for allowing me access to take pictures. Although personal business kept me from returning for the entire weekend, I will use this experience to grow and build on my confidence to take on new challenges, Enjoy!

You can follow the Motor City FurCon at their Twitter hastag with the same name. They are also on Facebook at Motor City Furry Con

Dusty - Ohio

Gadget and Clutch - MIchigan

Vexser - Michigan

Spritz and Tezy Husky - Unk

Frer Fox - Florida

Scynt - Michigan


Lifrin - Michigan

Rasheni - MIchigan

Donut - Michigan

Shadow Kai - Michigan

Jack - MIchigan

Koho - Pennsylvania

Ion - MIchigan

Tiny - Michigan


Noki, Liffrin, Blu, Bee


CJ Fur and Jake

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